Are You Ready...

At Wild West Ventures, fitness is everything. We want you to be at the top of your game for every adventure, and that's why we have a fitness challenge. Jump start your fitness journey, or supplement your current routine. 



final May Patch1.jpg


4x (1per week)

Beat your time each week...if you can

45 Sec Plank

15 Jumping Jacks

45 Push-Ups

15 Jumping Jacks

5 Turkish Get Ups (each side)

200m Run or Ruck

5 Turkish Get Ups (each side)

15 Jumping Jacks

45 Push Ups

15 Jumping Jacks

45 Sec Plank

Then, on same or different day as workout...


Run or Ruck 4x (1per week)

1st RorR=1mile

2nd RorR=3mile

3rd RorR=5mile

4th RorR=7mile

...Lets Go!

We offer a fitness challenge that will include some or all of the following: rucking, running, hiking, sandbag, dumbbell/barbell, or body weight workouts that will test limits regardless of your level.

On the honor system, you will receive a unique patch for completing the challenge!


Disclaimer: Wild West Ventures, LLC, or any affiliates thereof, is not responsible for any injuries (small or large), discomfort, coma, or death, sustained while participating in the monthly patch challenge, or any event, get together or festival, put on by Wild West Ventures, LLC. Participant accepts all responsibility for any physical, or challenging activities, voluntarily undertaken during any event or challenge given by Wild West Ventures, LLC