Available May 15th

Wilderness Trips

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We do the logistics; you do the adventure. Trips of any kind require planning: location, transportation, food, etc. These trips we all remember and love, yet aren't there other places in this world that we rarely experience but often dream about? These gems are harder to discover and access, and, quite frankly, the time required to plan these trips is significant enough to stop the planning before it begins. Let Wild West Ventures, LLC plan your spectacular Colorado wilderness hiking and camping trip in all its particulars! Furthermore, rather than hire a mountain guide to lead your way, we empower you to guide yourself.


1. Decide between Signature and Custom trips.

2. Choose Pro Package or Ultimate Package.

3. Get your spectacular trip plan!

Keep reading for more information on Signature and Custom trips, Pro Package and Ultimate Package.


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Signature vs. Custom trips


Signature trips are our classic Colorado backpacking trips that have already been planned and scouted. These trips may include different options, but have set distances and locations. Choose a trip that suits your schedule and ability level.



Custom trips are, as the name implies, built custom to your specifications. We guide you through choosing a Colorado mountain range, trip length, difficulty, and more. 


Pro Package vs. Ultimate Package

Both Signature and Custom trips have the option of pro package or ultimate package. 


Pro Package is designed for those with a solid foundation in wilderness travel and camping. Take the guesswork and annoying details out of planning a great trip! Pro Package includes:

  • Physical USGS topographic map marked with complete trip route

  • PDF download with detailed description of the route and itinerary, including suggested campsites and distances

  • Detailed driving directions and parking information (2WD/4WD information)

  • Rules, regulations, possible fees, and other important information for the area


Ultimate Package is for those who have some or no experience with wilderness travel and camping. The Ultimate Package includes everything in the Pro Package PLUS our education modules detailing the information you need to execute a safe and successful wilderness trip. We will provide an equipment list and teach you all the basics of wilderness travel. The Ultimate Package includes:

  • Everything mentioned above in the Pro Package

  • Education module download:

  • Complete equipment list

  • Packing and carrying a backpack

  • Packing and preparing backcountry food

  • Water purification

  • Selecting and setting up a campsite

  • Dressing for success in the wilderness

  • Basic map and compass reading

  • Physical training

  • Mountain weather

  • Wilderness hygiene

  • Backcountry etiquette/LNT